Radisson Red  This video shows a product concept aimed at Millennials. Notice tattoos do not seem be an issue. One would expect the employees have tattoos, consist with many Millennials.

Yotel This is a high tech concept that has reduced the room size making it ideal for urban locations.

Graphics in Branding W Hotel

This video shows how W enforces their brand image throughout the hotel.

Product Differentiation This video shows the top first class experiences in the airline industry. Can discuss which one the class like =d first. Then discuss who might purhace a first class ticket, which can be ten or more times the cost of an economy class ticket.

Ritz Carlton Brand Voice –

This video shows how Ritz Carlton redesigned their logo and how they communicate their brand.

St. Regis

This video describes the St. Regis butler service. This service is a distinguishing product feature of St. Regis.

Trinity Groves Restaurant Incubator    Second Video The first video is a short 1 -minute video explaining the concept. The second video is a 5-minute video that goes into more detail on the restaurant concepts.

Class Exercise

Ask students to describe their favorite restaurant and what product features make that restaurant distinguish that restaurant from its competitors.

Current Material

Kristin Boyd, “Crowdsourcing Is Changing Hotel Design and Marketing,” Lodging, May 5, 2014,

Greg Oates, “Marriott Wants Moxy to Deliver the Millennial Customer, With Help From Ikea,” February 3, 2014,

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