Dan Heath explains the importance of curiosity. This can lead to discussion on how curiosity leads us to research.

Zagat Annual Survey The annual survey by Zagat provides good source of secondary data on dining habits.

Australian Bureau of Statistics Research on Chinese Tourists

This video provides an example of secondary research. Governments and private companies collect information on tourists. This example from the Australian Bureau of Statistics can be used to show students the type of information that is available.


Class Exercise

Ask the class to find out the lastest information of dining trends. For those interested in  tourism ask the to choose a country and then find out information about their outbound tourism.

Current Material

Deery, M., Jago, L., & Fredline, L. (2012). Rethinking social impacts of tourism research: A new research agenda. Tourism Management, 33(1), 64-73.

Gursoy, D., Uysal, M., Sirakaya-Turk, E., Ekinci, Y., & Baloglu, S. (2015). Scales related to hospitality and tourism operations. Handbook of scales in tourism and hospitality research, 357-413.

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