Did You Know 2016

This is the lastest in a series of videos that looks at environmental changes.

Trends This video provides an overview of current trends. You can discuss how the environment is driving these trends.

Food Trends Social and cultural values create a changing wants for food eaten away home.

Water Crisis This video on the water crisis shows why it is important for hospitality companies to make an effort to save water.

Henn na Hotel, Japan

This video can start a discussion on what types of hotels could be automated with robots and where this would not work. It also shows one of Japan’s capsule hotels.

The Perennial

The Perennial started with a lofty goal: To become the most sustainable restaurant in the world. Described as ‘progressive agrarian,’ the restaurant breaks the traditional restaurant mold and stands out as a model for the future of eating. The video can used to start a discussion on sustainability 

The Global Super Rich

The video discusses the trend of the richest people gaining more wealth, while the middle class stagnates. It brings in both demographics and the economy.


This video on millennials talking about what boomers think of them is both educational and entertaining. It can be used to discuss demographics, consumer behavior or in the introductory chapter.

Class Exercise

Chose an environment trend affecting the hospitality or tourism industry. There is no right or wrong answer, but you must support your answer as to how this trend will affect the industry and it will be a trend that will continue over the next three years or more.

Current Material

Taylor, P. (2016). The next America: Boomers, millennials, and the looming generational showdown. PublicAffairs.

Guyette, S. (2013). Sustainable Cultural Tourism: Small-Scale Solutions. available through

2 thoughts on “T4 – Environment

  • The old DVD video “a taste of the west” on McDonald’s first restaurant in Russia was a great video for this chapter. It’s not only about the importance of “business environment” but also about “culture clash.” Many American students who watched this video told me how “shocked” they were about the culture difference between America and Russia. Is it possible to find this video on youtube? My DVD-Rom with this video broke due to aging (understandably).

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