Strategic Planning

This is a presentation by Erica Olsen, it gives a good overview of strategic planning.

Marriott’s Core Values

Mr. Marriott gives an overview of Marriott’s values. These drive the vision, mission and stager of the company. You can ask students how these values will affect the strategic decision making of Marriott.

Hilton’s Mission and Values

This video provides and overview of Hilton’s mission.

How to write a Mission Statement

Erica Olsen provides an overview of how to write a mission statement.

How to write a Mission Statement

Dan Heath provides an overview of how to write a mission statement. It is complimentary to Erica Olsen’s. You could show both and ask the students to compare and contrast the videos.

How to write a Vision Statement

This is great video by Erica Olsen. She explains how to write a vision statement and the difference between a vision and mission statement.

SWOT Analysis

Erica Olsen explains how to do a SWOT analysis.

Blue Ocean Strategy       This video on Cirque de Soliel can be used as an example of Blue Ocean Strategy. Blue ocean strategy is based on developing products that move away from the competition and operate in a space with no competition. Companies do this by eliminating product features that do not create value reflective of their cost, reducing features that can be reduced without reducing value significantly, raise product features that will create additional features and create new features that will differentiate and create value. Cirque de Soleil eliminated animals before other circuses did this. They also do not have expensive named acts such as high wire performers. They reduced the presence of clowns and changed how they are used. They raised the features of the venue and created themed productions with no language. This makes them attractive entertainment for international visitors. See Chan, K. W., & Renee, M. (2011). Blue ocean strategy, Cambridge: Harvard Business Review Press and David A. Aaker (2013), Strategic Market Management (10th Edition) Wiley:Hoboken, NJ.

 Class Exercise

Ask the students to find the mission statement of a hospitality company

Current News and Relevant Journal Articles

Michael E. Porter, “What Is Strategy?” Harvard Business Review (November–December 1996): 61–78.

See corporate-social responsibility/sustainability/ mission-statement/

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