Planes, Trains and Airplanes

This clip can be used to provide an example of how customers interact with each other to either increase the service experience or in this case decrease the service experience. There is some language at 1:49 that may be offensive – preview the clip and decide if you want to stop at this point. The clip can still be effective if you do stop at this point.

Service Profit Chain

A overview of the service profit chain by Professor Heskett, one of the authors of the concept and a Professor at Harvard. This clip can used to start a discussion of the service profit chain.

Customer service recovery

This video provides a good overview of customer service recovery principles. It is on hotels, but you could ask students what they would do for examples of poor service in restaurants.

Class Exercise

Students sometimes have trouble separating the concepts of capacity management and demand management. Ask the students to choose a hotel, restaurant or destination and provide examples of how it can increase capacity. Then ask for examples of how it could increase demand.

Current News and Relevant Journal Articles

Robert C. Ford and Cherrill P. Heaton, “Managing Your Guest as a Quasi-Employee,” Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 42, no. 2 (2001): 46–61.

Christian Homburg, Jan Wieseke, and Wayne D. Hoyer, “Social Identity and the Service-Profit Chain,” Journal of Marketing (March 2009): 38–54.

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