Joie de Vivre + Revinate

Revinate tracks social media comments on you business.

Burger King

Explains Whopper Sacrifice campaign giving people who unfriended Facebook friends a free Whopper.


Hyatt developed a promotion featuring a virtual concierge to encourage engagement and conversations about Hyatt.


 Attendees at Coachella, a music and arts festival,   saw Sonic ads on Instagram, featuring the shakes along with a “Shop Now” button. Using a geo-fence overlaid on the festival, the brand will be able to find the people who order and deliver the shakes directly to them. The purchase price? You just have to take a photo of the shake and post it to your own Instagram. This was designed to help kick off Sonic’s new shakes. This excerpt is based on a write up in Ad Week by Tim Nudd – see

The Ushuaia Beach Hotel, Ibiza Beach  This video provides an example of how a beach hotel provided kiosks for posting pictures on social media – promoting user generated content.

United Breaks Guitars

If you did not show this video in the introductory session you might want to show it here. This is a great video to show the power of the customer through social media. It also can be used to start a discussion on service recovery. When consumers do not receive a resolution to their problem by talking to a manager, they turn to social media. They know sharing their story with others can create a quick resolution from others.

Class Exercise

Discuss with the class how they could promote a restaurant on social media.

Current Material

Jack Nicas, “Inside United’s Secret Club for Top Fliers,” August 22, 2013,,


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