Clarion Hotel Stockholm

This video shows how the hotel used art to enhance the hotel and gain media promotion. You can discuss the media that picked up up the story about art.

Danny Meyer on the CBS Morning Show

This an example of how one can get public relations by speaking on media.

McDonald’s Monopoly Game Advertisement

Advertisement for McDonald’s Monopoly game which is promotion which McDonald’s has repeated yearly. Can discuss how people which need one game piece might go back to McDonald’s instead of another fast food restauarnt. Also if someone wins french fries might go back to redeem their prize and purchase a sandwich and a drink – so McDonald’s has won.

McDonald’s Monopoly Winner

If you are giving away major prizes, make sure you promote the winners to get PR.

Class Exercise

Discuss with the class promotions that have attracted tem t a restaurant. What was it about the promotion that was attractive to them.

Current Material

Trueship, “One-Click Savings: A Quick Look at 2015 Mobile Coupon Statistics,” March 24, 2015,

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