Oberoi Hotels

Ad for the Indian based luxury hotel company.

Aloft London

This is an ad for Aloft aimed at the younger traveler, that includes a mention of their Facebook page.

Fast Food Ads

This is a collection of fast food ads. It starts with an ad for McDonald’s Big Mac. This ad promotes the flavor of the food as does KFC’s ad suggesting it is a flavorful replacement for grocery store roast chickens, and Wendy’s Portabello Melt. There are two ads by Subway which promote healthful fast food. A number of the ads promote value meals. Taco Bell also has an ad driving people to download its app by providing a free Doritos Loco Taco when one makes an order using the app. Taco Bell also features an ad for breakfast foods that can be eaten with one had – good for commuters on public transportation and in a car. You can disuss the focus of the ads – some on price, some on flavor and some on healthful alternatives. Ask the students which is their favorite.

This is another series of ads that can be shown and discussed in class.  Holiday Inn express McDonald’s AD Starbuck’s ap Marriott book direct 

The Holiday Inn Express ad shows the importance of getting a good rest, to make yoou alert and sharp during a business meeting. McDonald’s used the Super Bowl as a way to get the message out to a large audience that they where now serving breakfast all day. This was done shortly after they introduced the concept so the Super Bowl offered a good way to get the message out. Starbuck’s promotes the use of it’s app through a television commercial. The commercial is also online for those users who do not watch regular television. Through the app the hope to build a stronger relationship with their customer. The Marriot commerical is trying to move people from booking on OTAs to their own site.

The Holiday Inn

Class Exercise

Show the Oberoi and Aloft Hotels together and have the students compare and contrast the two hotel ads. The discussion can focus on how the ads attract different target markets.

Current Material

Kelsey Ubert and Kristen Tynski, “Research: The Emotions that Make Marketing Campaigns Go Viral,” HBR Slog Network, October 24, 2013,

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