This is a good example of a video targeting prospective employees.


This is Hilton’s version an employee recruitment video. It would be redundant to show both the Hyatt and Hilton videos.


This is on what it is like to be an event manager for Disney. It is part of the “Every role is a starring role series.” If you put this URL in YouTube the other positions in the series will also come up.

Flight attendant

Disney has rigid rules and policies so gets receive a consistent experience in the parl and on the rides. This video from southwest shows a culture that gives  the employees the freedom to interact with the consumers in a manner they feel is most appropriate.

Class Exercise

Ask the class to describe a time when they worked for a company that valued both its customers and employees. What did the company do make the employees seem like they were a valued part of the company.

Current Material

Mary Dawson, Juan Madera, Jack Neal, and Jue Chen, “The Influence of Hotel Communication Practices on Manager’s Satisfaction with Limited English-Speaking Employees,” Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 38, no. 4 (November 2014): 558.

Micah Solomon, “Four Seasons Hotels: Building Hospitality and Customer Service Culture,” Forbes, September 1, 2013,·hotels-building·a-hospitality-service-cluture-without-starting·from-scratch/; and

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