The topics are general topics that one will find in most hospitality and tourism marketing classes. Each topic includes publicly available videos, class exercises, current news and relevant journal articles.

We hope you will find this material will help keep your class lively, relevant and interesting. Our goal is to make students understand the importance of marketing and provide materials for instructors that will help them achieve this goal and other goals they may have for their students.

This site is different from a publisher’s textbook support cite in two ways. First it is an open access site, anyone is welcome to use the site. Second the success of the site depends on you. We have populated the site with some material, but we need input from you. What videos and class exercises have you found to be successful with your students? This is a collaborative site. The language of the site is English; we welcome material from across the globe. If you teach in other than English we encourage you to set up a similar site in your language.


These are publically available videos. We encourage you to view the videos before using them in your class to make sure they will meet your objectives. They are meant to illustrate a concept and start a class discussion. The advantage of a video is that all students have seen the video and will be able to participate in the discussion of the video. Some videos may have several applications and thus be able to used in several chapters. When this is the case we have indicated this in the description of the video. You can then choose where and how you want to use the video.

Current News and Journal Articles

The class exercises are in addition to the ones you will find in Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism. Some can be used as in-class exercises, some for homework and some can be used either in-class or for homework assignments. Again we encourage you submit excises you have found to be engaging and relevant.

The current news section will be very dynamic. The editors will update it during the fall and spring semesters (September to May). As you find current news please submit the links so others can use these events in their classrooms. For graduate classes we will include relevant journal articles, we also suggest you look at the reference list for each chapter of Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism where you will find additional articles. Please submit articles you use in your classes. Your library may have to subscribe to a certain database for you to retrieve the article. The articles are subject to copyright laws. We cannot supply a copy of the article; you will need to retrieve them through your library.