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Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

More than any other developments, sweeping new online, social media, mobile, and the internationalization of tourism are affecting how marketers, brands, and customers engage each other. User generated content on social media can make or break a restaurant, while at the same time providing a useful source of customer information. These and other developments make teaching marketing both very exciting and challenging.

The vision of this website is to bring instructors hospitality marketing  together from across the globe and create a community were ideas and resources can be shared. The desired outcome is to make users of the site better teachers, resulting in students that not only understand the importance of marketing but understand they must keep up with changes in the marketing environment to stay competitive and create value for their customers.

Support Material

The site includes publicly accessible videos, books, articles, exercises, case studies and other support material for teaching marketing. The topic outline line follows the chapter outline of Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, the most widely used Hospitality Marketing text. The founding editor of this site has used his personal proceeds from the text to create this site. The site is open to everyone interested in hospitality marketing. The publisher’s support materials for Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism do not appear on this site as they are copyrighted, but adopters of the text can obtain this support material directly from Pearson. The is a crowd sourcing site for instructors by instructors. We hope you will not only find it useful, but also make contributions to the site through the comments section found on each topic page.


We select short videos that are relevant and professionaly produced. They provide a great way to start a discussion in your class.

Class Exercises

These are exercises that can be performed in class to create an interactive session.

Current News and Journal Articles

During the course semesters this section will be uploaded with current information from news sources that relates to the topic. This can be used for class discussions. It also contains recent journal articles which can be useful for graduate classes.


We look forward to you sharing your material so we can grow the site.

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John Bowen, Seyhmus Baloglu and Cristian Morosan